Lets property managers overlay building data on-site in 3D using AR, instead of confusing, inaccurate 2D docs

Easy access to maintenance data

See through your walls with x-ray vision

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Create an art gallery in your home

Add images to your wall in AR, save them and retrieve them later. Create Gallery experiences anywhere

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Add notes to a public space

Add public anchors others can retrieve in public spaces to advertise your events

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API Access & Integrations

Integrate with services you already use or add the Relay network of objects to your app

Create virtual sticky notes with your Notion docs

Add AR annotations to your app with one line of code

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Simple Pricing

Free for personal use, simple pricing for businesses


$0 /month

Free forever for personal use


$99 /month

Share data with your team

In depth analytics see how your data is being used


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